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My Approach

To offer what is appropriate for the student at any given time has always been very important for me. This applies for mentoring sessions or group classes, as well as for corporate workshops.

It is vital that students enjoy learning, reflecting and practicing and discover the lightness in the teachings. 

Although any path we take requires certain discipline, if we don't have joy with what we are doing, it will be very difficult to stick to the practice.

This is why joy has a central place in the way I teach.

I have been learning in the Krishnamacharya Tradition in Chennai from the year 2005, and most of what I teach comes from the teachings of Sri T Krishnamacharya and his son Sir TKV Desikachar. 


Both at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM) and at Yogavahini, the two schools I visit regularly in Chennai, I have learned with excellent teachers that really embody the core of this tradition, which is the connection with our own selves and with others, and the humbleness required to be of service. I try to honour these qualities when teaching.

The yogasutra-s from Patanjali are a central piece in this path of growth and transformation, and offer a wealth of tools and ways to learn to be present moment by moment.

I also draw from my Buddhist meditation practices, especially those that are used to awaken a compassionate heart and generosity.

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