About Me

Before getting interested in yoga, I trained and worked as a professional ballet dancer. Later I graduated in Communication Sciences and after that I worked as a Field Producer in a Natural History TV program, created children's books, and worked in the management of a private school.

In 2004, in Chile, I completed my first teacher training  in the Iyengar tradition and in January 2005 I traveled for the first time to Chennai in south India to continue my training there at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram - KYM. This trip changed my life on many levels, not only did I gather a deeper understanding of the practice of yoga, but I also met my future husband there, which later meant I moved to Europe in 2006.

In 2007 I got my certification as a Yoga teacher in the Krishnamacharya tradition and in 2013 I got my certification as Vedic Chanting teacher.


From 2013 until December 2020, apart from teaching yoga, I worked first as International Sales Manager and later as Head of Sales in a medical software company in Munich, this awakened in me the wish to bring the tools of yoga to organizations to promote better working environments for everyone. 


Following this wish, in 2015 I took a Mindful Leadership workshop with MLI in Salzburg and in 2020 I completed my training as Trainer for Mindfulness in Organisations.​

Until 2018 I used to travel twice a year to Chennai to attend different courses on Vedic Chanting, as well as workshops to dive deeper in the philosophical and practical aspects of yoga.


The more I learn and practice, the more I discover how important it is to connect with our innate joy. 


It is my wish that the teachings I can share will enable my students to see, connect and share their light and joy!

1997 Graduated in Communication Sciences
Escuela de Comunicación Mónica Herrera
Santiago, Chile

2004 Certified Yoga Teacher
Iyengar Tradition - Santiago, Chile

2007 Certified Yoga Teacher 
Krishnamacharya Tradition - Chennai, India

2013 Certified Vedic Chanting Teacher
Krishnamacharya Tradition - Chennai, India

2020 Trainer for Mindfulness in Organisations
Mindful Leadership Institut - Salzburg, Austria 

Teaching yoga since 2005

How I Found Yoga

When I started practicing yoga around the year 2000, I had very recently suffered a heart arrest while attending a lecture at my University and had to be resuscitated 3 times.


After I woke up from the coma and left the hospital, I realised I had to change something in my life, because although according to the doctors my health was perfect and they did not understand where the heart arrest came from, I knew that although my physical health seemed perfect, I was not happy and I also knew why: my mother had died 9 years before and ever since her dead I was trying to overcome a depression that most days made me feel miserable.

That is how I came to yoga. It was not exactly from a place of light, but from a place of darkness and sadness. Maybe that is why the instruction to start from the light in myself was so appealing, as I was so thirsty for it, but also important was the recognition that suffering (duhkha) was inherent to human life. Finally someone was telling me nothing was wrong with me, that suffering was simply part of our human experience, but that also in the middle of it, one could still connect with one's innate joy, and cultivate the attitudes that would make this joy stable. 

These concepts that both yoga and Buddhism share, like loving kindness (maitri), compassion (karuna), sympathetic joy (mudita), equanimity (upeksham), and many more, are now deeply ingrained in the way I live and the way I teach. 

“maitrī karuṇā muditopekṣāṇāṁ sukha duḥkhapuṇya apuṇya viṣayāṇāṁ bhāvanātaḥ cittaprasādanam”

-Yogasutra 1.33, the Bramaviharas


Loving kindness and friendliness towards the happy, compassion for the sorrowful, sympathetic joy for others and equanimity, are the four attitudes that will bring peace of mind.