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Private Yoga Classes 

supporting your personal growth

Is a private yoga class right for me?

A private yoga class is a one-on-one session, which offers a personalised approach to all that yoga has to offer and is specifically designed to meet the needs and goals of the student.  I will take into account your physical, mental, and emotional health and create a practice that is appropriate for you. 


Thus, private yoga classes are a great option for those who are new to yoga, as well as those who have specific health concerns or are going through a challenging period in life.


Additionally, private classes can help to deepen an existing practice and the level of understanding of the yoga tradition in its richness and depth and how to use the tools it offers in every area of our lives.

With personalised instruction and attention, you can go deep in any area in your life that you want to work with.

Typically, we will start with two distinct online sessions. During the first 30-minute session, we will work together to clarify your goals & needs (see details below). After that, I will develop a personalised practice for you. In the second 60-minute session, I will guide you through your tailored practice and solve any doubt that might arise. 

The personalised practice will vary depending on the individual needs. 


The rate for the first two online sessions (30 min + 60 min) is 100 Euro.


The rates for the follow up one-on-one yoga classes online are as follows:​

30 mins - 40 Euro

60 mins - 60 Euro

90 mins - 85 Euro

Rate for lessons in person at your own location or at Yoga Institut on request.​

To register your interest in a private class please use the form below or contact me via email.

How will we work?

How will we work?



(heyam - hetu)


Understanding the needs and the cause/s of the problem/s

We will meet personally or online, and will talk about what you want to achieve by having a personal practice. 

You might simply want to go deeper in your asana, pranayama, meditation practice. Maybe you want to explore and apply the wisdom of the yoga sutra-s in your life or learn a relaxation technique or a meditation practice. You might be taking a one-on-one class due to specific ailments like back pain, or another physical condition like for example diabetes or high blood pressure.


It could be that you are experiencing mental disturbances like anxiety or trouble sleeping or are navigating a challenging time in your life and need support.


Whether it is to go deeper in the practice, or to tackle some immediate emotional or medical challenge in a one-on-one session we can better understand the needs and hopefully also the root of the problems.



(hanam - upayam)


Setting short and long term goals and selecting the tools that will be used for your tailored practice

The direction of the practice will emerge from the interaction during the assessment.


We will then set the goals and select the most appropriate"tools" that yoga has to offer to tailor a practice that is ideal to your level of experience, physical ability, and health.


The formal practice length will depend on the time you have to engage with it. Apart from the formal practice that normally comprises asana, breathing exercises and meditation,  you will also receive guidelines and micro-practices to be integrated in your daily routines.



(abhyasa - vairagyam)


You will practice what is appropriate for you

After the practice is designed, I will guide you through it, and give you a document with the practice for you to follow and practice at home. To clarify any doubt and refine the practice we will meet, ideally, four more times within one months.

After you have gained confidence and the habit of the practice is firmly established, we can meet when needed to make the appropriate modifications to the practice, and address any question that might arise.

Elements in a personal practice

Which elements are offered in a personal practice?


asana-s are practiced by linking breath with movement in a flowing sequence of postures known as vinyasa-krama, which harmonises body, breath and mind.


breathing exercises as a mean of regulating the flow of energy in the body and calming the mind.


Chanting of mantra can be used during the practice of asana and pranayama, as a tool to enhance focus and extend the exhalation.

It is also a meditation in itself.


we will practice relaxation techniques to calm your nervous system and help you have a clear mind.


according to your needs, you will do a meditation practice that will help you achieve mental clarity and peace. 


Self-reflection involves a deep exploration of one's own thoughts, beliefs, and actions in order to gain greater self-awareness and understanding.


philosophy, spirituality, and ethics are the foundation for the yoga practice and can be a great aid to reframe certain situations and gain clarity in your life.

lifestyle guidelines

Lifestyle and nutrition guidelines can support you in your practice and to reach your goals. They can also help us to lead a healthier and more joyful life.


micropractices can be integrated in your daily routines to make a pause and come back to the present moment when needed.



"abhyāsavairāgyābhyā tannirodhaḥ" 
  - Yogasutra 1.12

Constant effort towards the goal and detachment from everything that takes me away from the goal.

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