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Start from Joy

inner development through mindfulness and yoga
Private Classes & Mentoring

When every day you take care of your body, your mind, your breathing, and reflect about yourself with the guide of a teacher, a new sense of balance and confidence arises, that reflects in a better relationship with yourself and others, as well as an overall sense of wellbeing.


This helps us feel healthy, vital and happy.

Corporate Workshops

According to scientific studies, bringing mindfulness to the workplace can help to:

reduce stress-levels

improve focus

improve work atmosphere


increase team commitment

facilitate communication

boost creativity and innovation 


Learn the basics of yoga in the  "Foundations"class.

Ignite your joy, generosity and compassion by taking part in the "Start from Joy" class.

Start the day with energy "Saluting the Sun".

Relax with a soothing practice in the evening at the "Gratitude for Today"class.

Private Workshops

We will dive deep in different subjects, with a group of likeminded people who will support our learning.

The workshops and talks will be announced regularly here.

The latest talk was given in October and the subject was:

Connecting With Our Inner Light:

Practices From Patanjali's Yogasutras. 


Classes & Workshops
My Approach

Many years ago in a yoga sutra workshop I learned one of the many meanings from "atha yoganuśasanam", which is the first sutra in the yoga sutra-s from Patanjali and normally translates as "here begins the teaching/practicing of yoga", could also mean that we begin our practice from that place of light in ourselves. We reconnect with our light and in that way we also reconnect with the light of everyone. 

This inspired me to start from there every day, and teach from there as well. We all have this brilliant light shining all along, but sometimes we need to do some dusting to see it again.

Yoga offers us the tools to do this, I see my work as guiding my students to find the right tools for them to rekindle with their light and shine!

About me

The first time I traveled from Santiago de Chile to Chennai in south India to attend classes at the KYM, I had been practicing yoga around 5 years and had done my teacher training in the Iyengar tradition already.

That trip changed my perspective of yoga and life.

I keep going back to Chennai to learn and practice.

In the meantime I started also practicing Buddhist meditation and exploring the Buddhist philosophy.

Until the year 2020 I was the Head of Sales in a software company, and that is how I started bringing mindfulness tools to the workspaces.

My approach

Let's start...

...with a small exercise to get in touch with your body, breath and mind 


Start by feeling your body from the sole of your feet to the top of the head and get in touch with the sensations you discover...

...breath normally and feel the rhythmic movement in your body every time you inhale and exhale...

...if thoughts arise simply go back with your attention to your breath and the movements it creates in your body...

...and let the mind rest in this awareness

 Her years of experience in both asana and meditation shone through as she guided me out of a very dark space to a more balanced and optimistic perspective. Her vast life experiences bring a wealth of understanding, insight, sensitivity, and empathy to her teachings. Patience, diligence, and compassion are only a few of her remarkable qualities for which I will be eternally grateful. I feel alive again!
Thank you, Claudia.

Robert B. - USA

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