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Online Group Yoga Classes

practice in community

What to expect in the online group yoga classes?

Personalisation and Adaptability

  • You will practice in groups with maximum 15 students per class.

  • In the Krishnamacharya tradition we place a strong emphasis on adapting the practice to meet the needs of each student, rather than expecting students to conform to a specific set of poses or sequences. As a result of this, our group classes normally include a variety of modifications and variations to make the practice accessible to everyone.

  • Before starting the practice, I ask students about their health conditions, injuries, and other individual factors that may affect their practice. Based on this information, I will then adapt the class to meet the specific needs of each student present in the class.

Breath-centered movement

  • In this yoga tradition the breath is the foundation of the practice, and therefore the breath drives our asana practice.

  • During the practice we will harmonise movement with breath in a series of flowing synchronised movements, called vinyasa krama.​​​

Inclusion of a variety of practices anchored in philosophy and self-reflection

In the Krishnamacharya tradition we incorporate a variety of traditional yoga practices, including: asana (physical postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation, chanting of mantra and relaxation


In our group classes we will use some or all of these practices, depending on what is the focus for each particular class.

This tradition views yoga as a holistic practice that encompasses not only physical movement, but also philosophy, spirituality, and ethics.


asana-s are practiced by linking breath with movement in a flowing sequence of postures known as vinyasa-krama, which harmonises body, breath and mind.


breathing exercises as a mean of regulating the flow of energy in the body and calming the mind.


Chanting of mantra is used during the practice of asana and pranayama, as a tool to enhance focus, extend the exhalation and it is also a meditation in itself.


we will practice relaxation techniques to calm your nervous system and help you have a clear mind.


we will practice different meditation techniques that will help you achieve mental clarity and peace. 

philosophy & self-reflection

In group classes, yoga philosophy and self-reflection is the foundation for the physical practice.

***Online Group Yoga Classes are offered via livestream in zoom.

Classes can be booked through Eversports selecting the classes in the calendar below.

Alternatively you can book directly in Eversports with the following links:

Book a class

Additional group classes in German at the Yoga Institut Munich, every Thursday at 18h.

To sign up, please contact the Yoga Institut

"abhyāsavairāgyābhyā tannirodhaḥ" 
  - Yogasutra 1.12

Constant effort towards the goal and detachment from everything that takes me away from the goal.

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