One-on-One Classes & Mentoring

supported personal growth

Why private classes?

because we can focus

on what is important for you

When every day you take care of your body, your mind, your breathing, and reflect about yourself with the guide of a teacher, a new sense of balance and confidence arises, that reflects in a better relationship with yourself and others, as well as an overall sense of wellbeing.


This helps us feel healthy, vital and happy. 


According to many Eastern philosophies, a personal practice and personal enquiring is the foundation for our flourishing 

If you are wondering if a mentoring session is what you need, I would say that whether you want to address a health problem like diabetes or high blood pressure, or you want to reduce your stress level, go deeper in your asana practice, or even understand the yogasutra-s better, a private class is the perfect place to start, as we can focus in what is more urgent for you, and develop a practice, that is exactly appropriate for your needs, and will support your inner transformation.



How will we work?

we will start where you are

 The “where you are”can be at any level: You might feel challenged in current relationships, or in your job; or you might have a health problem like high blood pressure; or you feel anxiety is mounting; or you simply want to get clarity, where to go as the next step is unfolding.  To identify where you are, we will meet personally or online, and will talk about what is the challenge you are facing and/or the symptoms you are experiencing. 


We will go through your daily routines, your duties and interests, how much time you have to practice, and how deep you want to go. 

After that, we can set the goals of the practice and choose the tools that will be more beneficial for you, and that will help you go through your day in a more  confident and relaxed way. 


The practice length will depend on the time you have to practice and normally comprises daily guidelines and micro-practices to be integrated in your daily routines, as well as breathing exercises, asana and meditation.  

If required it can also include elements as diet recommendations.


 After the practice is designed, I will guide you through it, and give you a document with the practice for you to follow and practice.


To clarify any doubt and refine the practice we will meet, ideally, four more times within two months.


After you have gained confidence and the habit of the practice is firmly established, we can meet when needed to make small modifications to the practice and address any question that might arise.




Understand the needs and the cause of the problems




Set short and long term goals and select the tools that will be used




Practice what is appropriate for you

“tasya bhumisu viniyogah”
- Yogasutra 3.6


The practice is a progressive movement to understand our true nature.